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admin - 2021-03-30

CSRayzer shows in 2021 Laser World of Photonics China EXPO

CSRayzer Optical Technology Sales Team shows in 2021 Laser World of Photonics China Shanghai EXPO.

CSRayzer is one-stop manufacturer and suppliers of optical and fiber optic devices and components, widely used for below application fields:

  • Ultrafast Fiber Laser system

  • Aerospace Laser Communication System

  • Hydrophone Detecting System

  • Fiber Optic Gyroscope and Inertial Navigation System

  • Fiber Distributing Sensing System DAS/DVS

  • LIDAR of Wind Detecting/Rangefinder

For above applications and systems, CSRayzer provide a large optical product range, including:

Fiber Optic passive components: WDMs, couplers, isolators, Circulators, Collimators, Phase Shifter, Fiber Filters, MEMS Optical Switch, etc.

Acousto-optics: Acousto-Optic modulators, Frequency Shifter

Polarization Control: Faraday Rotator & Isolator, etc.

Optical Amplifier and Laser Source: EDFA, ASE, Laser Source, etc.

FOG components: Fiber Coil, ASE, etc.

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