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admin - 2019-04-12

CSRayzer Joined 2019 LaserWorld of Photonics China

    the LaserWorld of Photonics China EXPO organizer and the Chinese laser optoelectronics industry have developed together and built a relatively complete procurement and supply system around the upstream and downstream industries, involving five major topics of lasers and optoelectronics, photonics and optical manufacturing, laser production and processing technology, imaging and machine vision, inspection and quality control, also including infrared technology and application products. This EXPO is oriented to the country's major needs, which have spawned and promoted process upgrades in various fields. With the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the new requirements for the production process in the future will lead to increase the penetration of photonics technology application.


Shanghai New International EXPO Center

Booth No.W3.3167

Exhibiting show


New product press

Comply with industry trends and hotspots, RAYZER exhibit a complete set of passive components for ultrafast lasers, complete passive components for high power fiber lasers, special fiber optic components and fiber optic sensing application system solutions. On the opening day at RAYZER booth, a large number of exhibitors and merchants were attracted to consult and communicate.

Wonderful time enjoyed at LaserWorld of Photonics China 2019! Welcome to meet us again at 2020!