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admin - 2020-06-23

CSRayzer is looking for distributors!

CSRayzer Optical Technology CSRAYZER, has 4 subsidiary workshop companies in China, has significant capability of designing and manufacturing optical components for fiber laser, fiber sensing, FOG and LiDAR, etc,  with a large and complete product range, which is an one-stop supplier. The product range almost fully covers all optical parts for such applications, such as Acousto Optic Modulator, Faraday Isolator & Rotator, Phase shifter, PM/SM passive components in room or full termperature operation, Fiber Coil, ASE source, Coil winding machine, SLD, narrow linewidth laser diode, APD, etc. 

We are looking for Distributors now!!!

If you are interested, please contact.

Mr. Lin Wang


Wechat/SKYPE/MOBILE: +8617707135527